Obsidian Studio

Developing Technology & Innovating The Game Space.

Using creative solutions paired with the most up-to-date technology & Artificial Intelligence - elevating our work at the highest level.

What We Do

We are a technology company currently innovating the video game and NFT space. Alongside that, we are taking on client projects to bring their dreams and ideas to life.

Our Work


Reclaim your home as you embark on a quest through the isles of Edyn

Dumb Alien

Blastoff into the depths of the Dumb Alien Universe.

Dream A Little Dream

Drift through the cotton candy colored clouds.

3D Art and Animation

Dive into a futuristic world of 3D

Gummy Bear Invaders!

Protect the galaxies from the Gummy Bears!!


Obsidian Studio is the culmination of varied talents and years of experience in the tech, design, and creative spaces. We are a team of professionals with a "sky is the limit" mentality.


We utilize and innovate with technology new and old to optimize our work.


We are a team of creatives that bring the best out of the ideas brought to us.


We design for the future.

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